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Gen1 USS Enterprise with Cutaway showing the Gravity Wheel

This wiki is intended to be a repository of information for research and the evolving conceptual design of the Gen1 USS Enterprise. The Gen1 Enterprise is an interplanetary spaceship, the general idea for this ship being described at the website The schedule goal for developing the Enterprise is 20 years from the start of full funding assuming this one day becomes a NASA program. The cost goal is to develop the ship, and its support infrastructure, for less than $1 trillion. A proposed schedule is here. A first-cut cost roll-up is at the bottom of this page. And a back-up plan, in case there are schedule or cost problems, is described here.

The Gen1 Enterprise will leverage technologies that have already had considerable research. The ship will be propelled by electric propulsion engines that are energized by 2.5 gigawatts of electrical power generated by on-board nuclear power systems. A gravity wheel (meaning a centrifuge) will be used to create 1g of artificial gravity in the main living areas. The ship will be made mostly from composite materials for minimizing mass except for the outer skins which will be made from aluminum. At .6 miles (960 meters) in length, the ship’s immense size will enable large cargos to be carried to Mars and the moon for building permanent underground bases. These bases will also have 1g gravity by using derivatives of the Enterprise's gravity wheel.

A ship of this scale is not just a spaceship - it’s also a spaceport and space station. The Gen1 Enterprise will serve as a magnet in the sky for motivating private sector companies to rapidly pursue new and more cost-effective spacecraft and space technologies that can be transported up to the Enterprise. The Gen1 Enterprise will be a grand destination for space tourists as private sector spacecraft shuttle people from earth to the Enterprise and back.

The ideas developed on this wiki site can be applied to any multi-gigawatt class interplanetary spaceship that will need electric propulsion, 1g gravity, and other related technologies. So whether one regards the Gen1 Enterprise as a real possibility, or as a speculative venture, the ideas developed on this site have potential value.

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